Giles Heating Limited-A experienced family run business you can trust

Est. 1992


Services We Offer

At Giles Heating we aim to offer a competitive high quality service with a fast response at competitive prices, we offer a wide range of services involving central heating and gas with a high knowledge on Installation,Servicing & Maintenance (LPG & Natural gas) on:


Boilers (Natural Gas & LPG)

Boats (LPG)

Range Cookers (Natural Gas & LPG)

Cookers (Natural Gas & LPG)

Fires (Natural Gas & LPG)

Warm air units (Natural Gas & LPG)

Unvented Cylinders

Vented Cylinders

Water Heaters (Natural Gas & LPG)

Tumble Dryers (Natural Gas & LPG)

Caravans (Natural Gas & LPG)

Residential Park Homes (Natural Gas & LPG)

Pipework (Natural Gas & LPG)


Overhead Plaque Heaters (Natural Gas & LPG)

Overhead Tube Heaters (Natural Gas & LPG)

Direct Fired Gas Heating Appliances (Natural Gas & LPG)

Indirect Fired Gas Heating Appliances (Natural Gas & LPG)

Commercial Pipework,Purging and Commissioning (Natural Gas & LPG)

Indirect Fired Water Heating Appliances (Natural Gas & LPG)

Central Heating Systems:

Landlord Safety Inspections

We also offer a full range of services when dealing with central heating systems including:


Full Scope Solar

System Upgrades & Recommendations

Underfloor Heating

Power-flushing & Magna-cleansing

Installing Thermostatic Radiator Valves (TRV’s)

Installation/maintenance Zone valves & Controls

Installing Radiators & Pipework

Installation/Maintenance of Pumps
Header Tank Maintenance
And Many more Services.


Bathrooms Suites